Fatuk-Kuak hosi Timor-Leste


An international caving project
to improve speleology in Timor-Leste
The dawn of Timorese speleology
Fatuk-Kuak hosi Timor Lorosa'e | Caves of Timor-Leste
main objectives
Inventory and mapping of Timor-Leste's caves
Inventory of karst springs
Speleological training of Timorese cavers
Actions to raise awareness

among students and local populations and promote the protection and sustainable use of the speleological heritage.

An international caving project

promoted by


in partnership with


Manuel Freire

Pedro Silva Pinto

Manuel Soares

Sérgio Medeiros

Joao Freitas

Sofia Reboleira

André Reis


Eugénia Gómez

Rui Andrade

Hélio Frade

Miguel Lopes

Jacinto da Costa

Longuinhos da Costa Mau

Zeferino do Rosario

Lili Alves Pereira

Mario Filipe

José Tilman

Kate Barker

Ivan Shelley


others may join ;-)